WHO KNEW?! Buying a Smaller (and affordable) Home is also a Good Eco Choice.

August 25, 2008 at 9:22 pm 1 comment

Living in the South- we like to make a statement by doing things up in a big way.  Big weddings, big parties, big highways, sprawled out communities, big stores, big cars, big TVs, and big houses seemed to have been the trend for the past decade.  I wonder if the underlying mantra for us Southerners is “Bigger is Better”.  


When my husband and I decided to purchase our home in the Atlanta area in 2005; we had to make some big choices about what we needed in a home.  Although I wanted something that resembled my Barbie Dream House I fell in love with a child- we both knew without a big savings account this would be impossible.  Living in Atlanta you quickly learn that having a big commute can also be a big drag; so we decided we wanted to buy a home as close to the city as possible.  


Upon hearing our price range, our realtor did everything he could to steer us way way way out into the burbs- I mean the suburbs of the suburbs of the suburbs.   You know what I am talking about; the developed planned communities with huge homes (we call McMansions), pools, tennis, sidewalks, peace quiet.  These communities were perfect in every way- except they were a million miles from everything and there were just 2 of us.  Why on earth would we buy a house that could comfortably house the Brady Bunch?  Our realtor assured us we could contemplate our awful commute into the city in our enormous oversized bathtub with jet sprays.  As tempted as we were, we stood firm.  I gave our realtor a map with a circled radius of where he could show us homes.  Otherwise; it would be a waste of time.  


Our search went for months- and we finally found our little house.  A 1960’s 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath brick ranch with an updated kitchen in the middle of Smryna, a community just outside of Atlanta.  Our friends thought we were crazy- our house was in the middle of the most unhip neighborhood we could find.  The thing is though, WE COULD AFFORD IT.  Yes the house is small- but we have just the right amount of space for us and our 3 cats…we were even able to add a dog and a baby to the mix;  and here we are 3 years later, still comfortable in our space.  Our energy bills are manageable, our commute is not bad, and we are not wasting resources, space and money.   I am now hearing my peers who decided to move into homes that were a little too big for them complain about the soaring energy and fuel costs they are now paying.  Some are even contemplating putting their oversized homes on the market during a very very tough time.


I admit; I often will catch myself driving through much nicer neighborhoods than the one I live in, with beautifully designed homes and gardens, sighing and saying to myself- “What if”…but I remind myself of how our plain little brick home suits us and allows us to live within our means and be conservative with fuel and energy.  As the mortgage crisis is unwinding before our eyes, I hope others will see what we saw in the smaller homes.  There is value in simplicity.


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  • 1. Ryan_D  |  August 25, 2008 at 9:46 pm

    I also live in the Smyrna area in a small ranch style home. Smyrna is leading the way with the green initiative. Bike lanes are being installed that connect to the Silver Comet Trail, new parks are springing up, and eco-friendly architecture has become standard.

    My wife and I love it here, and think it’s the perfect place to raise our family.


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